Relieves pain immediately!

Safe to use and easy to apply!

Maximum adhesion for 24hr protection!
ComfortBrace Dental Brace Protective Strips
Dental Brace Protective Strips

No more painful irritation from braces!
ComfortBrace™ Dental Brace Protective Strips
Do your braces cause painful canker sores and bleeding as they rub on the inside of your mouth, which can cause irritation for weeks—even months?  Developed by parents, ComfortBrace™ Dental Brace Protective Strips apply quickly and easily for immediate relief by forming a protective layer between your mouth and braces.

  • No more painful irritation from braces
  • Maximum protection yet barely visible
  • Won't interfere with talking or drinking
  • Protects delicate gum and mouth tissue
  • One size fits all
  • Superior trade ingredients. Latex Free
  • NEW fresh mint taste!
Relieves pain immediately and will provide a new level of comfort for dental brace wearers!
Imagine a thin protective strip developed with superior adhesion that will allow you to sleep, eat and drink while enjoying 24 hour maximum protection against harsh metal braces. To apply ComfortBrace Strips couldn’t be any easier. Simply peel the strip off its backing and apply over teeth and braces. Only trusted safe ingredients are used in ComfortBrace Strips. They do not contain bleach or peroxide so they will not stain or oxidize dental brackets and wires. Also Latex Free!
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